Indoor Air Quality in St. George, UT
July 25

Top 4 Ways To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Summer

Maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor living environment is vital for our well-being, particularly during the summer months when we spend more time indoors. One… View Article Read More

HVAC services
June 14

4 Tips to Keep the Electric Bill Low and Conserve Energy in Summer

If you’d like to keep your electric bill low this summer in St. George, installing a programmable thermostat and monitoring your energy usage are helpful… View Article Read More

Duct Cleaning in St. George, UT
May 10

Learn How Much Dust Mites Affect Indoor Air Quality

Dust mites have a huge effect on the indoor air quality in your home. If you worry about low indoor air quality, there are plenty… View Article Read More

Duct Cleaning in St. George, UT
April 18

3 Reasons to Schedule Air Duct Cleaning Before Summer Arrives

As a general rule, the HVAC air ducts in your St. George, UT home should be professionally cleaned once every three to five years. If… View Article Read More

Air Filter in St. George, UT
March 9

Why Clogged Filters Cause Problems

One of the most fundamental maintenance steps a homeowner can take involves changing an HVAC filter. A filter captures dirt, debris, dust, and other impurities… View Article Read More

Home Humidifier in St. George, UT
February 16

Why Should You Invest in a Humidifier for the Winter?

Winter is synonymous with dry and itchy skin. These wintertime woes occur due to the lack of moisture in cold air. Fortunately, you can improve… View Article Read More

Winter in St. George, UT
January 16

The Effects of Winter Weather on Your HVAC System

Winter weather can create a lot of issues for your HVAC system. From freezing temperatures to wet conditions, there are many elements that can affect… View Article Read More

Indoor Air Quality in St. George, UT
December 20

Top Benefits of Improving Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system plays a key role in managing the air quality in your home. Improving your air quality offers numerous benefits, so it’s important… View Article Read More

Furnace Filter in St. George, UT
November 19

Can I Use My Furnace Without a Filter?

If you see the filter for your furnace is dirty but you don’t have another one on hand, you may wonder if you can run… View Article Read More

Waste Oil Furnace in St. George, UT
October 19

What to Know About Using Waste Oil in Your Furnace

If you’re looking for cost-saving solutions to heat your home or business, you may be wondering if you can use waste oil in your furnace…. View Article Read More