One of the most fundamental maintenance steps a homeowner can take involves changing an HVAC filter. A filter captures dirt, debris, dust, and other impurities entering the system. A filter only lasts so long before it gets clogged, so changing a filter every 90 days or sooner is typically advisable. Several problems may arise when someone allows a clogged filter to remain in the system.

Wasted Energy

The smooth flow of air allows an HVAC system to perform more efficiently. Clogs in a dirty filter could hamper airflow, causing the unit to work harder to deliver the necessary air required to cool or heat a house. The extra work the system performs means it consumes more energy. Energy waste translates into wasted money, as the additionally utilized energy increases monthly bills.

A Strained System

Parts might suffer premature wear and tear when the system works harder because of a clogged filter. Constricted airflow may cause problems with the blower motor and even cause the evaporator coil to freeze. Such problems mean more service visits and costly repairs.

Heat Exchanger Disasters

When a clogged filter reduces airflow, the heat exchanger might overheat. If this occurs, the heat exchanger could suffer from cracks, creating a dangerous situation. Carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases are housed in the heat exchanger compartment. Cracks would allow toxic gas to enter the home.

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Temperature Issues

Clogged filters could undermine an HVAC system’s ability to work effectively. That means the delivered temperature might be different from what someone wants.

Reduced Air Quality

When a filter isn’t capturing dust or other impurities, these particles may find their way into the air ducts and out the vents. That may lead to dust or pollution in the air. Also, soot might build up inside the HVAC system, dirtying various components and creating other potential woes.

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