As a general rule, the HVAC air ducts in your St. George, UT home should be professionally cleaned once every three to five years. If you’ve been putting this essential home maintenance task off for some time, scheduling duct cleaning before summer arrives is a good idea. Read on to discover three reasons why.

1. Your Home Will Be Sealed Up

With summertime temperatures often climbing into the triple digits, your home will probably be sealed up throughout much of the hot season. This alone is good reason to focus on improving your indoor air quality (IAQ). The dirt, dust, pet dander, hair, and other allergens that are trapped in your air ducts now could be constantly circulated throughout your living environment. Having these buildups professionally removed will help everyone in your household breathe a bit easier.

2. Spring Brings a Number of Season-Specific IAQ Concerns

High pollen counts are a common IAQ concern in spring. Springtime is also the time for completing long overdue maintenance projects include painting, roof repairs, and clearing out attics and basement areas. The residues left behind by paints, cleaning products, and the dirt, lint, and other particulates that get stirred up during these jobs could be hiding in your ductwork. Duct cleaning in spring will eliminate these trapped contaminants, improve airflow and air delivery, and protect your IAQ. Spring is also the best time to make sure that your ductwork isn’t harboring any infestations of insects, rodents, or other common pests.

3. Duct Cleaning Helps Optimize the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

Debris buildup in HVAC air ducts impedes airflow. This, in turn, causes air conditioners to work much harder than they’re meant to. The result is increased cooling system stress, higher repair bills, and increased energy use. Although AC tune-ups help optimize the efficiency of home cooling equipment, professional duct cleaning helps, too.

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