Winter is synonymous with dry and itchy skin. These wintertime woes occur due to the lack of moisture in cold air. Fortunately, you can improve your indoor air quality by investing in a humidifier for the winter months. Read on to discover three things a humidifier can do for you.

1. Enhance Your Skin

Spending time outdoors in the winter can leave your skin dry and chapped. You can improve the condition of your skin by investing in a humidifier for your home. Without a humidifier, the air will draw moisture out of your skin when humidity levels are low. When you invest in a humidifier, you can introduce enough moisture into the air so that it won’t pull vital moisture from your skin.

2. Reduce Airborne Viruses and Bacteria

One of the biggest reasons people tend to get sick more often in the wintertime is because dry winter air facilitates the spread of airborne pathogens. When you run a humidifier in your home, you can drastically reduce the spread of these viruses and bacteria. In fact, one study showed that an indoor humidity level of at least 43% decreases the survival rate of around 85% of common airborne pathogens.

3. Reduce Allergy Symptoms

People suffering from allergies and respiratory conditions know dry winter air can worsen their symptoms. When you add a humidifier to your home, the increase in moisture levels will lubricate your nasal pathways and your throat. This calms symptoms and allows allergy sufferers to live comfortably in their homes.

Expert Humidifier Services

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