It’s close to summer, and you want to minimize your AC usage. This is good, but there are right and wrong ways to go about doing this. One mistake that many homeowners make is to close the supply vents to their upstairs rooms, feeling that if they remain downstairs, they can have enough indoor comfort. However, closing upstairs air vents can cost you more money in the long run.

Losing Air Through the Ductwork

Your central air conditioner blows out at one constant speed and is meant to supply all rooms with cool air at the same time. So, when you close some of the vents, the air traveling down them will turn back and either increase air pressure to the other rooms or seep out even more through whatever leaks are in the ducts. In the first case, you get uneven cooling, and in the second case, you lose cool air.

The AC Will Run Harder and Longer

Remember that the AC unit won’t shut off until it has reached the set temperature point. The rooms you don’t cool will remain hot, and that heat could trigger the thermostat so that it switches the air conditioner on even when you yourself are feeling comfortable. The AC unit will run longer, too, because the return vents upstairs are still open and still bringing warm air to the system. The return vents may additionally pull cool air from other rooms, making those rooms less comfortable.

In the long run, your air conditioner will wear out sooner if you close the vents. The pressure and increased operation times will take a toll on your cooling system, and you’ll find yourself replacing the equipment sooner than you should.

Over 25 Years of Experience

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