As winter transitions into spring, you may be thinking of getting a new air conditioner. Take time now to plan your AC unit installation and avoid suffering the heat of summer. A new air conditioner can save you money in the future and keep your home reliably cool when you need it most.

Replace Your Old Unit

Air conditioning units should be replaced every 10 to 15 years. Older units are more likely to require frequent repairs and replacement parts. Your utility bills will also increase as your air conditioner loses efficiency and requires more power to cool the area. Replace your old unit before the summer to minimize your costs and gain better temperature control in your home.

Search for Off-Season Deals

HVAC technicians are often very busy during the hot and cold seasons completing heating and cooling installations. You might not be able to schedule an appointment with your preferred service company if you wait too long. You’re likely to access better deals and discounts if you look for an air conditioner during the off-season. Retailers often offer discounted prices on new window units. You can sometimes grab a new model released just last season for an unbeatable price.

Upgrade to Central Air

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, consider upgrading the cooling system to central air. Window air units are often perfect for renters or families in apartments who have small areas to cool and limited control over big installations and major upgrades. Central air is a great investment that can easily be added to an existing furnace and ductwork system.

Reliable Heating and Cooling Service

Arctic Air Of Southern Utah has been professionally servicing St. George and the surrounding areas since 1997. Our experienced technicians can regularly maintain and repair your furnace and air conditioning unit as well as professionally install new systems. We’re a first-rate provider of indoor air quality testing and ductwork sealing and cleaning. Call us now to ask about our amazing specials and schedule an appointment.

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