A thermostatic expansion valve, also known as a TXV, plays a vital role in your air conditioning system. It is responsible for regulating the amount of refrigerant that flows into the evaporator and ensuring that your AC uses only the amount of refrigerant required. There are various benefits of having a thermostatic expansion valve in place. Keep reading to learn more about these.

Helps You Save Money

A system with a thermostatic expansion valve will only use the amount of refrigerant that is necessary. This maintains the efficiency of your system at the optimal level, allowing you to save money on your energy bills. By ensuring that your system does not use more energy than is required, the TVX will also prevent your equipment from breaking down due to premature wear and tear.

Protects the Compressor on Your AC

A cooling system might sometimes send too much refrigerant to the compressor, which could damage it. The thermostatic expansion valve controls the amount of refrigerant flowing through your system, keeping your compressor safe from such damage. This helps you to avoid the extra expense of repairing or replacing the compressor.

Helps Reduce the Environmental Impact

Your system will perform at peak efficiency due to the thermostatic expansion valve. In addition to keeping your energy bills in check, this also lowers your environmental impact. You can have peace of mind knowing that you aren’t using more resources than required to cool your home.

Increases Responsiveness

Having a thermal expansion valve will boost the responsiveness of your system to commands. When you adjust your thermostat to a specific temperature, the system will register the changes made at a quicker pace. Consequently, you are able to achieve a comfortable temperature more quickly than you would using a system with no expansion valve.

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