In recent years, variable speed blower and compressor motors have become more common in central HVAC systems. Older units, however, tend to have motors that operate at a single speed. What most people don’t know is that those single-speed blower motors often offer a choice of operating speed. Here’s how it’s possible to change the speed of most HVAC blower motors.

The Right Speed for the Right Conditions

Although it’s tempting to believe that running your HVAC blower fan at the highest possible speed will yield the best cooling results, that’s not always true. If your HVAC blower speed is too slow, your home will suffer from poor airflow. If it’s too high, though, the system won’t remove as much humidity from the indoor air, harming efficiency. Only a qualified HVAC technician can measure the output of your system to tell you if changing the fan speed is necessary.

A Matter of Wiring

Most of the time, when an HVAC blower motor can operate at multiple preset speeds, you can set the desired speed by changing how it’s wired to the HVAC system’s power source. The trouble is, not every blower motor follows a standardized wire color scheme. That means it’s inadvisable to try and change your HVAC blower speed on your own because you might end up doing more harm than good.

If a qualified technician determines that the speed of your AC blower fan needs changing, they’ll know which wires to connect. They’ll begin the job by disconnecting the power from your HVAC system. Then, they’ll open the air handler’s access panel to get to the blower motor’s wiring harness. By choosing the correct pair of power wires, they’ll then set a new speed for the motor.

Some Blower Motors Work Differently

In some instances, your HVAC system may have a multi-speed blower motor that doesn’t use speed wires. In those cases, the technician would have to set the blower speed by changing some switch or jumper positions on the fan’s controller board. This is another task that’s best left to a professional since it requires specific knowledge of the system to do the job right.

Contact an Expert for Help

If you have reason to believe that the HVAC blower fan in your St. George, UT area home needs a speed adjustment, don’t try to tackle the job yourself. Contact the team at Arctic Air of Southern Utah for help. We’ll dispatch an expert HVAC technician to check the operation of your HVAC system to see if a speed change might help. If it needs one, we’ll handle the job, as well as any other HVAC maintenance or repair tasks you require. We also offer indoor air quality solutions and ductwork services. If you have a business that needs HVAC service, we also work on commercial systems.

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