Increasing cooling bills and soaring temperatures in the summer may have you thinking of ways to make your AC more efficient. How well you take care of your unit and its size in relationship to your home can affect how much energy it uses and its performance levels. With these tips, learn how to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency levels and cut on utility bulls in the summer.

Clean Vents and Leave Them Unblocked

The accumulation of dust, debris, and other particles can clog up the vents. Blocked vents prevent cool air from coming out of the AC. Maximize airflow by inspecting and cleaning vents with the help of a professional. Also, avoid placing furniture and other objects that can obstruct the vents to encourage proper cold air circulation.

Clean the AC

Make your air conditioning more efficient by cleaning the exterior unit. Your AC’s external unit quickly gets clogged with leaves, shrubs, and other debris, affecting the system’s efficiency. You can hire an expert to inspect and clean the drain line to encourage the condensation to flow freely.

Choose the Proper Size

Installing the right AC size affects not only its performance but also its energy efficiency. If an AC is too small for your home, it constantly runs to attain the set temperatures, sometimes failing to cool the space effectively. The constant running of the AC increases energy consumption and can reduce its lifespan. An oversized air conditioner starts and stops frequently, affecting the unit’s energy efficiency.

Use Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan helps in circulating conditioned air throughout the room. Thus, your air conditioner doesn’t have to strain or work harder to circulate the cold air to reach the far ends of your home. Ceiling fans make your home cooler, allowing the air conditioning unit to take breaks and save energy.

These tips will help you maintain low energy costs while maintaining comfortable temperatures. We have experts to professionally tune-up your air conditioner and conduct necessary repairs. We are also well-known throughout St. George and UT as the leading furnace and indoor air quality experts. Call Arctic Air of Southern Utah today to learn more about making your AC more efficient.

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