Energy efficiency is the only way to benefit from using a heater and save money. But many homeowners want to be fully assured that they are benefitting from their usage. There are several ways to find out if your heater is suitably energy efficient.

Check the Rating

Every heater has an energy efficiency rating located in the owner’s manual, on the manufacturer’s website or on the side or beneath the appliance itself.

The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating is rated at 80% for average efficiency and 90% or higher for highly efficient. Another type of rating is the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) that measures the ratio of the energy cooling output to the energy input. The SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, is the seasonal ratio of the cooling output over the amount of energy used in watt-hours.

Review the Age and Condition

A typical homeowner is not able to determine the exact age of a heater. However, you know how long you’ve owned it and at what frequency it’s been used. A heater that exceeds 20 years will break down frequently and work at reduced levels of performance. The lifespan helps anyone to determine how long the heater has been operating, how much wear and tear it has and whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Compare Energy Bills

Most homeowners do not keep long-term records of their energy bills. It’s important to compare the costs that you’re paying for your HVAC bill to the costs that other people are paying for their energy-efficient homes.

Turn to Arctic Air for Help

There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of heater that exists. Your heating system may increase the level of comfort in the home and decrease your heating expenses, but it is not guaranteed to be energy efficient. Arctic Air of Southern Utah provides installations of energy-efficient appliances in St. George, U,T and beyond. We sell furnaces, heat pumps, thermostats and air conditioners and provide fast installations for each one. Contact us if you have questions or want to get started.

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