Turning on your air conditioning is often the only way to feel comfortable during the hottest days of the year. Unfortunately, your AC unit may be causing more harm to the environment than you realize. Here’s why you should minimize your AC usage this summer.

Environmental Risks

Air conditioners produce a variety of gasses as they cool the air in your home. Although it was no longer legal to make, sell, or buy the substance after 2020, your HVAC system may be releasing Freon, which directly harms the planet’s ozone layer. HVAC equipment also produces nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide. These pollutants contribute to climate change and may be harming your neighbors and family. An air conditioner releases a significant amount of pollution and greenhouse gasses whenever it kicks on to cool your home.

Reducing Air Pollution

You don’t have to get rid of your air conditioner to improve your carbon footprint. Instead, you can ensure your system is properly maintained and repaired to minimize the risk of hazardous leaks. If your system is using an outdated refrigerant, replace your AC with an improved and more energy-efficient model. A new AC helps the environment and lowers your monthly utility bills.

Keep your average temperature in the home a few degrees higher than you want. Your AC uses a lot of energy to keep your home cool and comfortable. By raising your temperature, you cut down how frequently your air conditioner has to kick on. Decreasing your overall AC usage and regularly maintaining your system will greatly improve your home’s efficiency and lower your environmental impact.

Trusted HVAC Service Provider

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