When the weather heats up in Southern Utah, you may be looking for ways to cut down on your cooling costs. One thing that many people do to save energy is open windows at night while they’re sleeping. Although this may seem like a good money-saving method, there are various things to consider before shutting off the air conditioner every night before bed.

What Are the Benefits of Opening Windows?

Of course, whenever you are not using your AC, you are not using energy to keep it running. In areas that experience cooler summer temperatures, you may be perfectly comfortable opening the windows at night and letting a cool breeze blow through your home. You can also open windows and place a fan near them to increase airflow.

In addition to cooling your home, that increased airflow can also increase oxygen levels in your home and vent any indoor air pollutants that are present. Some people also claim that opening the windows at night helps them sleep better, which can have benefits that carry over into the next day.

What Are the Drawbacks of Opening the Windows at Night?

While many people think that it takes less energy to re-cool your home the day after opening windows than it does to run the AC all the time, this is not necessarily the case. So, if you live in a hot summer climate like we do in Southern Utah, you will not use any additional energy turning on your AC and running it all summer long in a tightly sealed home.

It’s also important to note that opening your windows at night may actually lead to more allergens inside your home. This is especially harmful to those with seasonal allergies and respiratory conditions. Opening the windows can also increase indoor humidity, which can actually cause your AC to work harder and use more energy. Another thing to consider is safety. If your bedroom is on the ground floor, you may not want to open your window and create an easy access point for anyone who wants to enter your home.

Turn to the Pros for Help

Whether or not you sleep with your windows open is a personal decision, but it probably will not help you save money on energy costs. For money-saving ideas and tips to get the most out of your HVAC system, Arctic Air of Southern Utah is available to help. Our team provides a full range of cooling and heating services, and we can help improve your ductwork and indoor air quality in St. George and the surrounding area. To learn more about our services, contact us at Arctic Air of Southern Utah today.

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