If you would like to evaluate your indoor air quality, you can contact our business, and our experienced experts will provide air quality testing in Santa Clara, UT. We utilize cutting-edge equipment that can examine the indoor air, several types of pollutants, the levels of mold spores and airborne dust. Our team can also make recommendations that will improve the quality of your indoor air.

    Santa Clara’s Indoor Air Quality

    Our skilled and licensed technicians will use equipment that will evaluate airborne pollen, mold, volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde.

    Here are some ways we can substantially improve the quality of indoor air.

    • Examining the levels of mold spores
    • Evaluating airborne pollutants
    • Reducing the levels of dust within the air
    • Installing an air purifier

    We will determine the levels of mold spores within the air. Mold spores can cause chronic inflammation, and according to several reports, mold spores may affect the immune system.

    Air Quality Services
    Formaldehyde is a chemical that could irritate the nose, and the substance may increase the levels of inflammatory enzymes. Sometimes, multiple appliances could release formaldehyde. If a contractor renovates a home, the contractor might use materials that contain formaldehyde, and the new materials may slowly release the extra formaldehyde into the air.

    Our team uses detectors that examine the amount of dust in the air. When the indoor air contains extra dust, the particles could cause irritation, affect your respiratory system and weaken your immune system.

    After our technicians evaluate your indoor air, they will replace the air filters, clean the air ducts and provide helpful suggestions. They will also install an air purifier. Air purifiers remove particles of dust, reduce the levels of pollutants, decrease pollen and eliminate several types of mold spores.

    In addition, air purifiers feature a fan that can considerably improve the flow of air. They also contain numerous filters, which remove multiple contaminants.

    Providing Air Quality Testing

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