During the scorching summer heat, having an operational and quiet air conditioner is very important. If your air conditioner is very loud, you might feel uncomfortable switching it on. At times, it might be a usual characteristic of your air conditioner to produce noise. In other instances, it could be a sign of a problem. Regardless, the good news is that there are several techniques you can employ to reduce the noise.

1. Install a Fence

If your air conditioner has been functioning optimally but produces loud noise, constructing a fence could be a great solution. A fence will act as a sound barrier. You can even install a temporary fence before opting for a permanent one.

2. Buy a Sound Blanket

A sound blanket is also a great option if your AC unit usually produces a loud noise. Contact the company you bought the AC from and ask if it makes a sound blanket for your specific make and model of unit.

3. Check for Loose Screws and Tighten Them

Your AC condenser is held in place by screws. At times, these screws loosen, making your AC shake or rattle, which makes your system produce a whirring noise. Scheduling regular maintenance with us will ensure such incidents do not occur since we tighten the screws during routine tune-ups.

4. Clean the Air Conditioner Fan Blades

If you have checked the motor and the motor is not the source of any loud noise, consider checking other parts, including the fan blades. If the fan blades are covered with dust, ensure you clean them. When cleaning them, switch off your AC. After you are done, turn your AC on to see whether the noise has subsided.

If you have a noisy AC, consider contacting our technicians. We will come to check it and offer you the best option based on the cause of the noise. At Arctic Air of Southern Utah, we also offer cooling and heating maintenance, repairs, and installations to St. George, UT, residents. Contact us today if you need any assistance.

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