From a hearty cactus or succulent to an overflowing potted lily, household plants can be a great addition to just about any home or commercial setting. Available in such a wide array of types and sizes, they’re easy to incorporate almost anywhere.

Unlike other traditional decor elements, plants provide a variety of benefits for the interior climate of your home or building.

1. They Add Moisture to the Air

Have you ever noticed how humid densely vegetated areas tend to be? That’s because plants release an overwhelming majority of the water that they take in.

By releasing moisture vapor into the area, a houseplant can serve as an effective cure for a dry home. While a dehumidifier is also a surefire cure, consider placing a few plants inside a home or building if you’re experiencing dry skin, persistent sore throats, and other signs of dry air.

2. Some Plants Effectively Purify the Air

The scientific data tied to this theory varies greatly, but it’s widely accepted that certain plants are effective in removing harmful toxins from the air.

However, if you have very strict air quality needs or concerns, don’t rely on houseplants over an air purifier, which our team at Arctic Air Of Southern Utah in St. George, Utah, can install for you.

Still, placing a few plants around your house or commercial building can be a great way to enhance the quality of your air.

3. They Absorb Carbon Dioxide

Humans breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. A plant can do the exact opposite. This means that plants can make the air easier to breathe and even more refreshing. A few plants strategically placed in a bedroom can make for more restful sleep.

You also can’t ignore the aesthetic benefits of houseplants. Plants can be used to brighten up space, making it warm and inviting. Plus, they’re a versatile decor element and able to match up with virtually any style or theme.

Address Air Quality Needs with Trusted HVAC Professionals

Plants can help a bit with your indoor air quality. For a more thorough clean, contact Arctic Air Of Southern Utah in St. George. We provide a full line of heating and cooling services, including repairs, maintenance work, and new installations. We specialize in working with such leading brands as Trane, Lennox, Carrier, Bryant, and Daikin. Connect with our team today for your heating and cooling needs.

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