Having a finished basement is pointless if it isn’t kept at a comfortable temperature. That’s where Arctic Air Of Southern Utah comes into play. We’ll come to your home in the St. George area to evaluate and install a custom heating or cooling system that will make your finished basement as comfortable as your living room.

Ductless Mini-Splits

If your basement was remodeled after your home was built, it might not be connected to the rest of your home’s HVAC system. Ductless mini-splits are a perfect temperature-control solution in this case as no ductwork is required. Each machine works independently, so you can control the temperature in each room, and additional units can be installed at any time. They are also energy-efficient.

Update Your Current System

Another option to heat or cool your finished basement is to renovate your current system to include the rooms in the basement. Homeowners sometimes prefer the simplicity of having all rooms in the house controlled by the same system. Your HVAC contractor will be happy to discuss if this is the best option for your finished basement since ducts may have to be installed, and your current system may need an upgrade.

Moisture Control

Underground basements are prone to moisture issues. If the surrounding soil is moist, the basement could have mold issues, and if the surrounding soil is dry, the finished basement could also be too dry to be comfortable. Additionally, moisture in the air can affect a room’s temperature — humidity can make a cool room feel colder and can make a warm room feel sticky and hot.

Installing a humidifier or dehumidifier in conjunction with your HVAC system will keep your finished basement comfortable, and it will also be good for the walls, drywall, floors, and doors found downstairs. Your HVAC professional will have lots of ideas about the most efficient way to control the moisture level in your basement.

Arctic Air Of Southern Utah can assist when it comes to installing a heating and cooling system in your basement. Once your system is installed, we can help you maintain it with checkups and indoor air quality solutions. Of course, we also do repairs. We’d be happy to come and take a look at your current situation; our team operates all over St. George and the rest of Southern Utah. Visit Arctic Air Of Southern Utah on the web, and give us a call today with all of your heating- and cooling-related questions.

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