Cold winter weather will soon arrive in St. George, UT, which means it’s time to get your furnace in proper working order. Furnace maintenance is a must, and there are many maintenance tasks you can do on your own between professional tune-ups. When you have an hour of free time, do these three furnace cleaning activities.

1. Change the Air Filter

The best way to keep your furnace clean is to check the air filter every month. During periods of extremely cold weather, it may need to be replaced once a month. Do not go longer than three months between air filter changes. A clogged filter reduces the furnace’s energy efficiency, contributes to excessive wear and tear, and causes its interior compartments to become dirtier.

2. Vacuum the Burner Chamber

Fine particles of soot, oil, or grease can build up in the burner chamber. It decreases the furnace’s efficiency. If you see bigger particles of soot or ash, this suggests that your furnace isn’t burning the gas properly and needs repair. To clean the particles of dust out of the burner chamber, turn off the power and gas supply to the furnace. Use the extension hose of your vacuum to clean it.

3. Clean the Flame Sensor

Soot or grime can block the flame sensor. If this happens, the furnace will automatically shut down. This is a safety control. Clean the flame sensor by lifting it out of its bracket and rubbing it onto an emery board or piece of fine-grit sandpaper.

Clean furnaces operate more efficiently and safely, and they’ll have fewer problems and a longer lifespan. At Arctic Air Of Southern Utah, we’re the go-to source of furnace maintenance services. We’re also ready to provide you with dependable heating and air conditioning repair, replacement, and installation services. Our indoor air quality solutions and ductwork services are designed with your comfort, health, and safety in mind. To learn more about cleaning your furnace, call us at Arctic Air Of Southern Utah today.

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